Also known as: the Boogeyman.

Height: Lesser Giant (Around 8’0").
Ethnicity: White (Caucasian).
Hair: None.
Eyes: None.
Build: Chernobog is impossibly skinny for a man of his height with hyper extended arms and legs. Shadows drip and smother around him like water smothers the rocks on the riverside.
Physical Age: Impossible to determine.

Acquaintance: Murderer, convict, mercenary, undertaker.
Major artifact: The Hammer of Belobog An impossibly long sledgehammer used by Chernobog in combat. Chernobog can use its power to temporarily take on a more human form. It can also emit a powerful blinding light when needed.

Favored Attributes: Strength, Stamina, Appearance.
Skills: Intimidate, Stealth, Survival.
Purviews: Darkness, Death, Health.



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