Height: Average Height (Around 5’10")
Ethnicity: Middle-Eastern.
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Brown.
Build: Enki has a surprisingly simple appearance for his extreme age. He dresses in relatively simple clothing, though he does have splashes of gold and wealth. He keeps a short stubble and wears a keffiyeh on his head.
Physical Age: Mid-twenties.

Acquaintance: Gardener, therapist, traveler, lecturer, guy who always sit in the corner booth.
Major artifact: Helmet of Nabu A magical helm that contains the lost essences of all of the lost Sumerian gods. Enki uses the helm for advice and to stave off his own loneliness.

Favored Attributes: Stamina, Perception, Intelligence.
Skills: Academics, Art, Survival.
Purviews: Earth, Stars, Water.



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