Also known as: Zilo, or just Zee.

Height: Average (Around 5’10")
Ethnicity: Latino.
Hair: Black, flaked with red.
Eyes: Red.
Build: Zilo appears as a chimeric mix of many different birds – most obviously a vulture, an eagle and a hummingbird – and a man. He dresses for war at all times, and his talons are said to constantly drip with blood.
Physical Age: Late twenties.

Acquaintance: Restauranteur, food critic, prison warden.
Major artifact: Xiuhcoatl A former god of fire, whose essence was forged into Zilo’s legendary weapon. It shifts forms based on Zilo’s needs and has appeared as a blade, a spear, a whip, a sling, and many more forms.

Favored Attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Charisma.
Skills: Athletics, Intimidate, Thrown.
Purviews: Fire, Guardian, War.



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