Height: Short (Around 6’0")
Ethnicity: White (Greek).
Hair: Graying (formerly black).
Eyes: Glowing green.
Build: Jones is a skeletally thin man – what little skin that remains is peeling off of his bones, with are yellowing and decaying. He wears elaborate, expensive clothing and pungent perfumes in order to offset his hideous appearance.
Physical Age: Ancient.

Acquaintance: Sailor, Pirate, Ferryman.
Major artifact: The Flying Dutchman Jones’ enormous aircraft carrier. He has total control of the vessel, down to a nearly molecular level, and he uses it to transport the souls of the damned to the underworld.

Favored Attributes: Dexterity, Stamina, Manipulation.
Skills: Drive (Watercraft), Marksmanship, Subterfuge.
Purviews: Death, Psychopomp, Water.



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