Height: Average (Around 5’6").
Ethnicity: White (Norse).
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Blue.
Build: Loki is a lithe young woman, who uses her beauty as a lure and as a distraction. She dresses in outlandish styles: most famously, her long-horned helmet.
Physical Age: Late teens.

Acquaintance: Rogue, Magician, Gentlewoman, Criminal, Con-Artist, Noblewoman.
Major artifact: The Chitauri Spike A half-spear, gifted to Loki by an unknown benefactor. It can disguise itself and extend in length when necessary – and supposedly has the power to entrance and captivate individuals when Loki’s charms do not prove enough.

Favored Attributes: Manipulation, Intelligence, Wits.
Skills: Larceny, Politics, Stealth.
Purviews: Chaos, Illusion, Magic.



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