Also known as: Siren, Nixie, Jenny Greenteeth, La Llarona.

Height: Short (Around 5’3")
Ethnicity: White (Caucasian).
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Orange.
Build: Rusalka is disarmingly beautiful and enchanting. She tends to wear long white dresses which (along with her long hair) bob and flow in a nonexistent current. Specks and patches of blood spontaneously appear on her clothes.
Physical Age: Late teens to early twenties.

Acquaintance: Student, singer, dancer.
Major artifact: Eternal Mirror A looking glass that allows Rusalka to see those she loves at a great distance. It also allows her to construct and change her own appearance.

Favored Attributes: Manipulation, Appearance, Intelligence.
Skills: Empathy, Seduction, Subterfuge.
Purviews: Illusion, Moon, Water.



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