Also known as: Tez.

Height: Average (Around 6’0")
Ethnicity: Latino.
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Green.
Build: Tez, the Feathered Jaguar, normally appears as a chimeric mix of cat, man, and bird. He wears golden armor, decorated with various colored feathers.
Physical Age: Thirties.

Acquaintance: Politician, priest.
Major artifact: The Obsidian Mind A helmet constructed of purest obsidian, flecked with gold and trimmed with feathers. It grants Tez power over the purest of darkness and the Void that lies within the deepest shadows.

Favored Attributes: Charisma, Manipulation, Perception.
Skills: Awareness, Occult, Stealth.
Purviews: Animal (Jaguar), Darkness, Magic.



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