The Dagda


Height: Very Tall (Around 6’5").
Ethnicity: White (Celtic).
Hair: Ginger.
Eyes: Green.
Build: The Dagda is a massive man, hulking and brutish in strength with long red hair and a beard to match. He is covered in blue tribal tattoos.
Physical Age: Mid-forties.

Acquaintance: Hunter, thug, gangster, survivalist, redneck, bouncer.
Major artifact: The Cloak of Iorek A bear-headed hood and cloak that grants the Dagda power over bears. It is sentient and can animate itself into the Dagda’s mighty familiar – Iorek the Snow Bear.

Favored Attributes: Strength, Charisma, Intelligence.
Skills: Animal Ken, Fortitude, Melee.
Purviews: Animal (Bear), Fertility, War.


The Dagda

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