The Morrigan


Height: Average Height (Around 5’6").
Ethnicity: White (Celtic).
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Black.
Build: The Morrigan is a beautiful, but clearly sinister, woman who normally garbs herself in long black dresses and traditional Celtic warpaint. Her pupils and irises are the same color and her fingernails are always dirty and caked with dried blood.
Physical Age: Early thirties.

Acquaintance: Gravedigger, graverobber, funeral director, widow.
Major artifact: The Corvinus Spear The feathered spear of the Morrigan, who blades are as soft as feathers or as sharp as steel, depending on her whim.

Favored Attributes: Manipulation, Appearance, Wits.
Skills: Awareness, Empathy, Survival.
Purviews: Animal (Raven), Chaos, Death.


The Morrigan

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