Xipe Totec


Also known as: Xipe (pronounced Zippy).

Height: Short (Around 5’7").
Ethnicity: Latino.
Hair: None.
Eyes: Yellow.
Build: Xipe appears as a grotesque chimeric mix of a rhinoceros, a man, and a shark. He rarely wears much clothing other than his loincloth. He ritually flays his skin to protect the lands of his people, and so, his bleeding red muscles are always exposed.
Physical Age: Fifties or sixties (it is very difficult to tell with no skin).

Acquaintance: Farmer, ranchhand, martyr, shopkeeper.
Major artifact: The Flayer of Worlds Able to cut through anything, Xipe’s flaying knife allows him to cut through and remove even his supernaturally durable flesh.

Favored Attributes: Stamina, Charisma, Appearance.
Skills: Leadership, Medicine, Survival.
Purviews: Fertility, Health, Justice.


Xipe Totec

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