The legendary hammer of Thor

weapon (melee)

Current wielder: Tessa Aune.

Speed: 6. Accuracy: +1. Damage: +13B. Defense: +5.

Purview: Thunder.

Mjolnir’s powers continue to advance and grow as Tessa’s own legend grows. In addition to its great combat ability and access to the power of Thunder, the hammer has a couple of other powers that Tessa can access. Most notably is its ability to return to her hand after it is thrown, though she lacks the ability to summon it to her from beyond a certain distance (unlike her father who seems to be able to summon it from worlds away, though it does take a little while to arrive in those cases).

In addition, it cannot be picked up by anyone other than her or her father (and in theory, others who the hammer deems worthy, though no others have so far emerged). While many relics deny access to their powers to those who are not worthy to wield them, Mjolnir cannot even be picked up by other scions, allowing its wielder to play some interesting tricks with it – such as placing it on top of a prone person and rendering them unable to get up.


The hammer of Thor can only be wielded by those deemed worthy of holding it. After Thor discovered that his daughter, Tessa, could indeed lift the hammer, he gifted it to her.

His gift was met with derision by his siblings, particularly Baldur, who deemed it as an unnecessary insult to Thor’s father, who had given him the hammer in the first place. Certainly, it is a far more powerful artifact than is normally given a scion with such low legend, though Thor is unrepentant for his action.


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