The Netjer Empire

The Netjer, the gods of Egypt, foretold of a new pharoah coming to Earth in the United States. His name was Jared Stevenson, and he crowned pharoah by the remaining of the living Netjer gods before they passed most of their power into him and his brides, so that they legacy could continue living on Earth.

Jared, now using his regal name Jharod, set a small kingdom in the Midwestern United States; however, it was swiftly defeated by Amatsukami forces who were marching to meet the Augustin on the West Coast. Jharod and his brides fled, meeting an unlikely ally – the last of the Deva, a man known as Nemo, who was fleeing the Augustin – who helped them escape to the South Africa.

Nemo pledged fealty to Jharod in return for safe harbor for him and his men. Jharod agreed and they began to build their empire again around the city of Johannesburg. They built great walls to protect themselves and began ruling their Empire away from the world, free from the conflict of Ragnarok.

But, rumors spread of dissent from within the Great Walls. What role will Jharod and his women play in the coming apocalypse?

  •  Wynis, the Queen of Hearts, is beloved by the people as the guardian of the Empire and the goddess of the Walls. She is the one who maintains, manages and guards the Walls keeping the Empire safe. She is the most publicly popular of Jharod's brides. She has seven children by Jharod, all of whom are soldiers and guardians.
  •  Alice, the Queen of Spades, has grown restless and ill-content. She longs for the nature that exists beyond her city walls and, more dangerously, for a fight. She despises public appearances and rarely attends them, making her the least visible and least popular of Jharod's brides. She does have the most of his children, however: she has nine.
  •  Sass, the Queen of Diamonds, is notably Jharod's favorite bride. She is the only one who lives with him full-time and she tends to be the one who accompanies him the most. She is primarily in charge of the Empire's treasury, though she undertakes a lot of the traditional queenly duties. While she only has five children with Jharod, the Crown Prince, Carter, the heir to Jharod's kingdom, is her son, as is Shayera the Crown Princess, his destined bride.
  •  Valeria, the Queen of Clubs, is a distant woman who is both feverishly devoted to Jharod and his kingdom and opposing to the rules of fate and the divine that govern it. She is rumored to be experimenting with the laws of nature, attempting to breed out human weaknesses like old age, fear, and pain. She has the least children by Jharod: only three.

The Netjer Empire

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