The Union

There are five pantheons that came together in an agreement known as the Union.

The Tuatha, the gods of the Celtic nations, were the ones who originally suggested the idea of the Union. Their pantheon had been devastated by the Augustin for generations before the Ragnarok War broke out. Only two of their original gods remain – the Dagda and the Morrigan. The Augustin stole the Tuatha's sacred homeland from them and they have spent centuries trying to claim it back, but after Amaterasu unleashed the Catastrophe, the British Isles sunk. Ever since, the Tuatha have limped on without purpose or hope… All they have left is revenge.

  •  The Tuatha have access to Enech, their power over heroes and quests granted to them by ancient Nimueh, the Lady of the Lake. This personal power allows them powerful bonuses when working towards their personal quests, but forces them to suffer penalties and punishments if they ever forget or breach their sacred duties.
  • They are represented on the Knights of Ragnarok by Jorge's character.
  • Their two major surviving gods are the Dagda and the Morrigan, though their children have served as demigods throughout the ages. Tuatha creatures like coblynau and faeries are commonplace in Tuatha societies and cultures, becoming more accepted by the humans during the days of Ragnarok.

The Teotl, the gods of the Aztec empires, are the only ones of the Union to still maintain a significant amount of territory as they still possess almost all of South America. However, the Catastrophe blasted the Southern continent with unbearable heat, turning most of it into a barren wasteland, incapable of supporting life or growing crops. The people of South America starved and their Gods, in an ironic twist of fate, found themselves sacrificing themselves to keep their people alive – using their divine ichor in a desperate attempt to restore their once arable land.

  •  The Teotl possess the power of Iztzli, the ability to sacrifice one's body to fuel one's legend. The blood of the Teotl has maintained the people of South America for years and mutual sacrifice is a key part of their circle of worship.
  • They are represented on the Knights of Ragnarok by Cos' character.
  • The Teotl are served by the bestial gods of the Aztec – gods who have chosen to appear as divine chimeric forms as opposed to mostly human forms. The most powerful of their number is Tezcatlipoca (known as Tez), the Feathered Jaguar. He is joined by Xipe-Totec (known as Zippy), the Verdant Rhinoceros; and Huitzilopochtli (known as Zilo), the Burning Bird. As they have bled for their nations, their people have become more chimeric and bestial in nature, growing fangs and copious amounts of hair.

The Aesir, the gods of Scandinavia, are a pantheon divided. Their supreme god, the mighty Odin, has abandoned them, insisting that the only hope he has foreseen for their future is with an unknown mortal son. His descendants are now split on how to proceed. Baldur argues that they should honor what came before and try and prove to Odin that they are still worthy of him. Thor argues that Odin left because he failed and that they should try something new. They are the most populous of the Union pantheons and have many of their traditional gods that have survived thus far. They are also the one who declared this current war to be the end of days – Ragnarok.

  •  The Aesir have the power of Jotunblut. By tapping into the inhuman blood that runs in their veins, they can access the power of the Jotun – elves, giants, orcs, and trolls – that enhance their physical size and prowess.
  • The Aesir are represented by three major surviving gods: Thor, Baldur, and Loki, though Thor and Baldur are no longer on speaking terms. Humans are considered second-class citizens within Aesir society, taking second fiddle to elves and giants. They are keeping Fenris, the Wolf Who Ate The World, locked in chains.

The Bogovi, the gods of the Slavic nations and Russia, have long been forgotten by the world. The cunning gods of the Slavs always knew that their reign would not last long, so instead, they seeded themselves in stories of folktore, which were carried across continents as ghost stories and fairy tales. Now, that gods are common knowledge in this brave new world, these formerly dismissed, but widely spread, stories have gained new notoriety and granted the Bogovi more power than they've had in centuries. In a world where everyone had something, the Bogovi had nothing; but now that everyone has nothing, the Bogovi have something and they will not let the rest of the world forget it.

  •  The Bogovi have the power of Dvoverie, which allows them to easily blend in with other pantheons, stealing their virtues and their powers. The Bogovi have used this to great effect through the world, allowing their ancient stories like the Yeti, the Leshy, the Baba Yaga and the Headless Horseman to spread and be told regardless of which pantheon was being worshipped in the region.
  • They are represented on the Knights of Ragnarok by Travis' character.
  • The Bogovi are represented by four major gods, all of whom have morphed significantly from their original forms due to their presence in fairy tales: the Baba Yaga, now normally referred to as the Wicked Witch; Chernobog, also known as the Boogeyman; Rusalka, the Wailing Woman; and Marzannie, the Abominable Snowman.

The Anunna, the ancient gods of Mesopotamia, are the oldest of the great pantheons by far. The Anunna have existed for tens of thousands of years, with the oldest of their number claiming to have witnessed when humankind first walked on two legs. So extreme is their power that only after all of this time of not being actively worshipped by mankind (and thus, losing their power) have they been concerned enough to take action. Isolationist to the extreme, the Anunna have finally stepped out of the shadows and join the Union, where no-one truly understands quite how important they have been to the world at large.

  • The Anunna have their legendary gift of Me, which allows them to amplify and extend the power of a chosen purview they wield. Masters of Me can even shut out others from using their purview or grant the purview's gifts to others who do not normally possess it.
  • Only a single god has survived long enough to represent the Anunna on the Union: Enki, Lord of All Earths and Stars. An immensely powerful god, Enki, has finally come out of isolation because his power has now waned enough that he is on an equal level as the other gods.

The Union

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