The world is ending.

The greatest war ever fought is raging. The gods of Rome, the Augustin, are battling the gods of Japan, the Amatsukami, across creation – and all of reality is burning as a result. They will not stop until they destroy one another utterly, and they will not destroy each other unless they destroy everything else.

The gods of Egypt, the Netjer, have sequestered themselves. After losing a few encounters and realizing they could never win against either side, the four brides of the Pharoah have fled to the south of Africa, built their great walls and sequestered themselves from the rest of mankind.

The other pantheons have realized the great folly of their situation. They have no power or strength to prevent the war or to hide like the Netjer have. Their worlds are collapsing and their pantheons are going to shatter like fractured glass. The Tuatha, in their wisdom, have brought together five pantheons in the hopes that these forgotten five can band together and save reality… and if not reality, at least themselves.

Knights of Ragnarok