A giant appears to be a human being but of immense stature, ranging from eight to 15 feet in height. Even larger giants are rumored to exist, but no modern Scion has found one yet and lived to tell the tale. In addition, there are several distinct breeds of giants, each of which has additional supernatural properties. Most giants, however, are profoundly stupid creatures.

The vast majority of giants are men, and this skewed ratio often leads them to attempt slating their lusts on nymphs, ghosts, mortals, and their favorite: scions, demigods, and goddesses.  

Giant Rules:

  1. Giants always have epic strength and stamina equal to their legend, and can raise their natural strength and stamina as high as 15, and have no restriction on when they can break 5.  
  2. Giants are stupid creatures by nature, and can never raise their mental stats above 1/2 their legend rounded up.
  3. Giants use the Demon Virtue tree, and are immune to social combat that doesn’t appeal to their selfish desires of greed, lust, or violence.  In short giants need to be beaten in combat or tricked with mentals.  The only social combat usable against giants is very immediate efforts to bribe them (Food, weapons, money, and sex).  Giants are unwilling to wait if the object they are being bribed with is not on hand..  Intimidation only works under extreme situations.  Lesser giants don’t fear scions but do fear demigods.  Greater giants don’t fear demigods but do fear gods.  True giants cannot be intimidated by anything short of a Great Old One.  

Lesser Giant Generic Stats

Physical: Strength 6XXX, Dexterity 3, Stamina 5XXX

Social: Charisma 2, Manipulation 2, Appearance 2

Mental: Perception 2, Intelligence 1, Wits 2

Skills: Academics, Alertness 4, Animal Ken, Art (Architecture, Culinary, Engineering, Metalsmithing, Modern, Performance Art, Stonework, Textiles, Visual Art, Woodwork), Athletics 3, Brawl 4, Defense 3, Diplomacy, Disguise 1, Empathy, Etiquette, Fortitude 4, Intimidation 4, Investigation, Larceny, Leadership, Marksmanship 1, Medicine, Melee 3, Occult, Politics, Seduction, Stealth, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge, Survival 4, Thrown, War 2

Legend: 3 Willpower: 6

HD: -0, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1, -2, -2, -2, -2, -2, -4, INC

Join Battle: 6

Dodge DV: 5

Soak: 9B/7L/3A (Body Armor: 12B/10L/3A)


Unarmed Light: Acc, B, Parry, Speed  

Unarmed Heavy: Acc, , Parry , Speed

Club- any large blunt object…

Thrown Object- fire hydrants, trashcan, motorcycles…

Knacks: Titanium Tools, Holy Bound, Holy Rampage, Body Armor, Holy Fortitude, Inner Furnace

Fire Giants

To mortal eyes fire giants are huge, nearly eight feet tall with skin ranging from whitish pink to vibrant crimson, all the way to ashen black.  They usually have orange, yellow, or red eyes, and soot or ash colored hair.  Fire giants are native to Muspelheim, a region of the outlands not far from Asgard and Vanaheim.  Like Frost Giants they have frequently warred against and intermarried with the Aesir and while they are hostile to most pantheons of gods they occasionally aid the scions and armies of Asgard.

Recent events have pit armies of Fire giants against the Augustine and modern fire giants hate them more than any other faction… even if there are quite a few less fire giants than there were a century ago.  

Roleplay Notes:  Fire giants represent the worst of the vikings, interposed with rockstars by way of a motorcycle gang.  They’re loud, angry, partying, looting, pillaging, raping, marauders who respect nothing save raw strength. Even when fire giants act alongside the Aesir, its with the expectation of a cut of the swag and debauchery. 

Virtues: Ambition 2, Malice 3, Rapacity 3, Zealotry 2

Purviews: Fire (Fire Immunity, Bolster, Summon Salamander)- The fire breathing and clever salamanders can be dutifully found wherever fire giants are, acting something like fire breathing guard dogs to their masters. 

Frost Giants

Mortals perceive frost giants as impossibly large humans with pale skin. While few

mortals actually realize that the eight-foot-tall figure towering over them is a giant,

more astute mortals might notice the puffs of frost that come out of a giant’s mouth

with each breath, regardless of the ambient temperature. Beings with a Legend rating see frost giants as huge mortals made of ice or snow. Windowpanes frost over when a frost giant walks past, and wherever one goes, the ambient temperature drops noticeably.

Like Fire giants, Frost giants have frequently fought against and intermarried with the Asgardians… which means very little to the heirs of Ymir.  Historically most have been content to remain in Jotunheim.  It is unlikely that Frost giants as a group will take an active hand in the war unless the Augustine directly invade their realm.  Until then Fire giants and Aesir can bluster at them about their ‘kinship’ all they like.  Getting more than token support seems unlikely. Periodically frost giants go raiding for women folk but beyond that are content to be left alone.   

Roleplay Notes: Frost giants are cold.  Distant and aloof.  Frost giants aren’t into the wild murder fests and orgies of Fire giants, they kill when they have to and take what they need or want with little pageantry or fanfare.

Virtues: Ambition 2, Malice 3, Rapacity 2, Zealotry 3

Purviews: Frost (Frost Immunity, Uller’s stride, hrimmthurssar's touch )


An oni is a giant or ogre from Japanese legend. Oni are considered to all be members of the same species, but in fact, no two look alike. Oni have the standard height for a giant, but typically have odd skin colors and usually some form of animalistic features, such as tusks, horns or fur.   Incredibly beastial Oni often ape the customs of their more civilized cousins the kami, but they remain crude and barbaric parodies.  Like all Giants Oni seek women from other races… even if their gender ratio is less skewed than that of other giants.

Most oni are happy to fight for the kami, and tend to be willing to talk to scions of the kami…hopefully about fighting, fucking, or eating.

Roleplay Notes: Oni want to be civilized so they ape the customs of gods and mortals around them.  They chat, they make small talk, they try and have table manners… but they are even closer to beasts than most other giants.  Oni want to eat.  Oni want to fuck.  Oni want to fight.  Even in battle they do little more than form a horde and charge… they’ll just make sure everyone has a rank and fancy uniform first.

Virtues: Ambition 4, Malice 2, Rapacity 3, Zealotry 1

Purviews: Animal 3- a horde of animals often follows Oni about.



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