Phisical Challenges

Physical challenges:  Physical challenges are usually combat oriented but can also be races, tree climbing, staying afloat, or other such challenges. 

Encounter: Scale an alley wall.  

Rating: Terrible

Roll: Dex or Strength+ Athletics (unless character has a vertical jump of 4 or more) 2 successes required.  

Summary:  The kind of challenge any adult would be okay trying, and a trained mortal can usually succeed at.  Only suitable for for scions with no physical epics.

Success Rate:

  1. A mortal with 4 dice and no epics will defeat this encounter 50%
  2. A mortal with 6 dice will defeat this encounter around 70% of the time.  
  3. A scion with 2 epics and 6 dice will beat this encounter 95+% of the time.


Encounter: run/jump/fight atop moving vehicles

Rating: Pathetic

Roll: Dex + Alertness OR Wits + Athletics: 4 successes required.  (Characters with cat’s Grace automatically pass this test)

Summary:  Common in the movies, but something only desperate mortals or batman is willing to try.  It requires crazy body control and speed with good timing skills.  

Success Rate:

  1. A mortal with 6 dice: 40%
  2. A scion with 2 epics and 6 dice: 60%
  3. A scion with 2 epics and 8 dice: 80%


Encounter: Exposure to extreme environments (Vacuum of space, an inferno, arctic winds, radiation)

Rating: Moderate

Roll: Stamina+ Fortitude: 7 successes required.  (some knacks Fire and frost immunity, Favored of the waves, automatically pass this roll). Specialized clothing may add bonus dice to the roll (which allows normal humans to survive prolonged exposure)    

Summary: Exposure to extreme (but not divine or titanic) environments.  A character who passes the test only survives a certain amount of time before requiring another roll.  A character who fails begins losing Health immediately.     

Success Rate:

  1. A mortal with 6 dice: 5%
  2. A scion with 2 epics and 6 dice: 20%
  3. A scion with 2 epics and 8 dice: 40%
  4. A scion with 3 epics and 10 dice: 80%


Encounter: Avoid pieces of a collapsing skyscraper, incoming artillery fire, or parts of a crashing airplane.

Rating: Dangerous

Roll 1: Dex + Athletics: 11 successes required. (Characters with ‘Eye of the Storm’ Automatically pass)

Roll 2: If the first roll is failed a character must survive either the ordinance, building, or plane bits.  Damage ranges from 15L to as high as 40L.  

Summary: a rain of deadly ordinance or superstructure.   

Success Rate roll 1:

  1. A scion with 2 epics and 8 dice: 5%
  2. A scion with 3 Epic and 10 dice: 45%
  3. A scion with 4 epics and 10 dice: 75%  

Note:  This challenge is designed to hurt characters who have high epics but low dice pools.  Its a good way to reward characters who have gone all in in their athletics pool.  

Success Rate roll 2: If a character fails the evasion, they must survive the impact.

At 15L, a scion with 6 Soak will be severly wounded, 10 soak minor wounds, 13 soak may be bruised.

At 25L, 13 Soak will be severely wounded, 18 soak will be wounded, 20 soak may be bruised.

At 40L, 23 Soak will be severely wounded, 30 soak will take minor wounds, and 35 soak will be bruised.

Phisical Challenges

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