The Amatsukami

It was Amaterasu, Queen of the Amatsukami, who unleashed her full divine power, causing the Catastrophe which changed the world forever and plunged it into Ragnarok. While the action cemented the Amatsukami as the premier pantheon of the world for the coming war, it also guaranteed them no allies and many enemies in the time to come.

Now embroiled in an extended war with the Augustin, the Amatsukami have changed to become a pantheon of war and conflict. The lines between the Imperial, Terrestrial and Calamity gods have slowly blurred as all fight and die side-by-side. They have completely absorbed the Maui pantheon, the gods of Hawaii and Oceania, into their ranks. They have also destroyed or absorbed most of the old Native American gods.

Perhaps the most noteworthy death that the Amatsukami have suffered thus far is that of Susano'o, the god of the ocean, who engaged Neptune in a duel that ended with both of their deaths. This has meant that Amaterasu has remained in power for longer than she was supposed to and that his surviving daughters (Blue, Daisy, and Cassie) have shouldered his responsibilities. The lack of a major, experienced ocean god in both of the major pantheons has turned the waters violent and unpredictable.

  •  Shicho's stepfather and boss, Sarutahiko, was killed by Wynis, bride of the Pharoah, in the Amatsukami raid on the Pharoah's new kingdom in the American Midwest. There quickly started a bidding war on who would be able to claim his wife, Shicho's mother,  Uzume, for their own. The battle was eventually won by Tsukiyomi, who as part of his bargain, recruited Shicho as his messenger and squire. Tsukiyomi is fond of Shicho, treating him kindly and giving him important things to do, though he does torture and beat Uzume when Shicho fails him, leading to tension in their relationship. Shicho has also married Melulani, who proposed to him after winning her first major battle as a ranking officer.
  • Michelle Sato has been in charge on constructing the defense on the divine realm for some time, constructing both physical and magical barriers to defend the realm. She has become closed off and angry at the world, particularly after the death of Chet Collins and the fact that her closest friend, Cassie, still attacks her on sight. She would be completely alone if not for her companion, Jimmy, and there are rumors that her self-imposed isolation is driving her towards madness.
  • Kai has become a respected warrior and leader on the Northern Front of the Ragnarok War. He is well-liked and leads a group of warriors known as the Legion of Calamities, populated by many of the creatures and scions that were formerly greatly disrespected by the pantheon at large, including many of his own sisters. Their success has led to a greater acceptance of calamities within the Amatsukami. He is still married to Cassie and their relationship has only grown stronger. There are even some who are calling for Kai and Cassie to take over Susano'o's position permanently.
  • Lav Rosen has rose through the ranks of the afterlife and has become a key figure within the system of the dead in the Amatsukami. He is now head of a small unit known as Reapers, designed and instructed to keep the dead below to avoid another incident like the Hollow King. He is served by Ruby, a resurrected corpse with whom Lav has an often-questionable relationship, and a ghost named Asahi, who was once Lav's mortal foe.

The Amatsukami

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