The Augustin

The gods of Rome have been one of the most important pantheons in world history for millennia. Now they take on that role again as they battle the Amatsukami in the Ragnarok War.

The Augustin suffered many early blows in the War as the Catastrophe sunk their homebase in the city of London. However, its sinking gave the Augustin an opportunity to shake off their century of cooperation with other pantheons and return to a state of Empire… of war. They quickly expelled the Aesir and the Tuatha from Europe and claimed it as their own. They exterminated the Deva, leaving only one who managed to escape.

In addition to the city of London, the Augustin lost Neptune, who died in a duel with Susano'o, though the god of the sea managed to slay his opponent as well. Most tragically, Jupiter himself, the King of Heaven, was killed in combat by the combined forces of many Amatsukami.

Now, his son, Mars, the god of war, rules supreme. Under his leadership, the Augustin have become even more embittered, xenophobic and violent than before. They will accept nothing more than total victory – and they will achieve it at any cost.

  • A disappointment to his father, Felix, son of Mars, is a minor god assigned to endlessly keep watch on the Rock of Gibraltar from a safe distance. He ceaselessly guards the Rock – keeping watch to be sure that the Union are not plotting against the Augustin, wishing their were more ships onto which he could load more boxes.
  • Talo was given one final choice by his father during the Catastrophe: life or legacy. Desperate to save his wife and children, Talo chose legacy and instantly drowned in the streets of London. His son, however, survived and, due to the massive loss of life in the British aristocracy, was found to be next in line to the throne. Talo's grandson, Winston Cornelius, is currently the Holy Roman Emperor, leader of the mortal peoples of the Augustin.
  • Ada survived the Catastrophe and was commanded by Mars to try and tame the skies after the death of Jupiter. Along with her sister, Cosette, they have become the goddesses of clear and stormy skies - Cosette tries to honor her father's wishes and guard the skies around the Empire; Ada is less happy about the arrangement and is known to sometimes just scare citizens with bolts of lightning and blasts of thunder.

The Augustin

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